China Sourcing Food Production

Our Vision

China Sourcing is built on strong, long-term relationships with our customers. We value good communication and complete transparency. Quick responses are key to the success of a project in order to maintain continuity. We want to become your partner in success.

Our Story

China Sourcing was started in 1973 from a small store in New York City. Importing was done through a trading company but the quality was not what we wanted. Thereafter, China Sourcing was born with an emphasis on quality and price.

China Sourcing Products

The China Sourcing Team

The people below work hard to service your every need. There are others not mentioned so check back later.

China Sourcing CEO, Joel Bahr

Joel Bahr

Founder & CEO

A Graduate of New York University Stern School of Business with a Major in Accounting and Finance. He has a 30-year background in consumer and industrial products. Joel has been living in Shenzhen, China for the past 10 years.

China Sourcing Vice President, Sandy Holtzman

Sandy Holtzman

Vice President

A Graduate of Fordham University and Fordham Law School. Sandy lives in New York City and has more than 30-years experience in consumer and industrial products.

China Sourcing CFO, Nicole Goodman

Nicole Goodman


A Graduate of Stanford University with majors in Marketing and Finance. Nicole is bi-lingual and currently lives in China.

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